General Information For All Classes

                                                From now on there will be no class schedule for our classes. We still have classes available, they will just be at the time that works best for you! Please read more about this below!

Payment & Registration: All Classes are FREE!  You only pay for materials that you choose in your class. Please call to sign up as atleast 48 hours prior to the class.

Age Requirements: Classes are offered to adults 15 and over. In some of our Basic Beading classes, children as young as 13 are allowed to attend if accompanied by an attending adult. Please see the class schedule for these specific dates.

Basic Skills Needed: Making professional looking jewelry requires certain capabilities, we recommend that students have the physical ability to use small hand tools for crimping, cutting, and shaping wire and other materials. The ability to work with and see clearly small objects up close (stringing beads on wire, etc.) DON'T FORGET YOUR GLASSES!!! If you do we have some don't worry! Patience with yourself and others during the learning process. Remember, this is all about relaxing and having fun!

Cancellations: If you won't be able to make it your class please try to call 24 hours prior to the class time. If Beaucoup Beads instructor needs to cancel for any reason we will do the same. We will re-schedule your class for a time that works best for you!

* If you don't see a class you are looking for or need a specific time, please don't hesitate to call to make a private class at no extra charge.

No need for a class schedule, we work off of your schedule! Our class times can be held any day from Wednesday-Saturday starting at 11am, latest time to start a class is 2:00pm. All you need to do is call 48 hours ahead of the time you would like, and we will be able to schedule your class. 

The classes that we offer are listed below but not limited to, if you have any special requests please let us know.

Basic Jewelry Making, Pearl Knotting, Basic Earrings, Pendant Wrap, Leather Wrap Bracelet, Rosary, Beaded Free Form Cuff.